Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

It is having the same rubberized design as the other version of the same is having. A decent camera is a plus in this phone and the vivid screen likewise. It is also water proof like the other version.

Now let us check out the downsides of this cell phone, first of all it is not bearing all the basic specs and the features that a Samsung mobile is offering you with. That means it is a mid range smart phone which is available at a very high price you can see the Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan on

The plastic design of this smart phone is making this phone less luxurious as compared with the other phones of its type. So, if you are in want of a smart phone with all the necessary specs and features, then this phone is not for you, but if you are comfortable to use this phone in the name of the Samsung brand then it will suit you well for daily use.

The screen is 4.5 inches and it is having a quad core processor with a 8 mega pixel camera that is a decent combination. The finger print scanner and the heart rate sensor are a plus in this smart phone. The smaller size of this smart phone is making it easy to use and provide you with comfort in your daily use. It does have a dotted rubberized back panel for you that looks cool when you use it. The screen is smarter and the pixels of the camera remain sharp.

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