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Samsung Galaxy Avant review

The Samsung galaxy Avant is running 4.4 and 1.2GHz CPU that is making the phone worth considering for you. The plastic backing is leather like that make you feel comfy and cozy when in hands and the call quality of this phone is pretty much fantastic.

The camera takes the shots pretty slowly and the TFT screen uses the life of your photos, websites and videos so these are the downsides of this phone. The camera and the screen are disappointing but this phone is still worth buying as it is having better options in this price. You can see the Samsung mobiles prices in Pakistan on

This smart phone is having 4.5 inch screen and there is 5 mega pixel camera. It is providing you with smart specs and features. There are AMOLED display show that this phone is a bit dull and have somewhat grainy visuals, who are familiar with this technology they know the facts of this display technology.

It comes with the rounded corners and black overall. There is a silver rim additionally that is encircling its spines and the home button as well. This phone is really comfortable and cozy to hold and use and it will not slip from the hands. You can use it one handed due to its size. The video you play on this phone are dim and dull and you will not be able to see it in bright sunlight and you have to position directly in front of the screen in order to view it easily. It somewhat feels heavy for its size but it is good.

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