What are the Reasons of Slow Growth of E-commerce?

Everybody knows that the e-commerce sector is growing day by day as more people are aware of the benefits it is providing. It is able to attract the buyers towards the online shopping as there are a lot of people who are providing the goods and the trust of buyers has been increased.

A survey says that the online shopping is still rare in Pakistan and most of the people are not aware of the advantages of the same. People do not shop online often, they do shop in a month or two and that is not good. There are only a few people who shop online regularly and other than those nobody even cares to see the products online.

Let us take a gander at the reasons why there is slow growth of E-commerce in Pakistan:

  • There is a lack of trust among the people that is the main reason not to shop online.
  • The payment methods are not secure other than the cash on delivery payment method.
  • Large number of Pakistanis is not having a bank account and the card as well to do the online transactions.
  • The customer services from the service providers are the hurdle to buy online.
  • People are not able to try the clothes on when they buy the clothes online.

If all these hurdles are removed then it will be easier for the people to buy online without having any kind of problem.

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