Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 is having 4.1 Android’s software amenities and it is easy on the eye. The 5 mega pixels camera is quite good and the music system is adding extra value to this phone.

This phone is having weight and feels heavy when you carry it in the hands, the data is slow likewise. The call quality is not up to the mark so these are the downsides of this phone. The performance is not very good, if you want a good performance phone, then this one is not for you.

The heavy weight and the low performance of this phone is making this phone not so good phone if you want the best phone for you and a cell phone lover. If you are a music lover then you can consider this phone as there is a decent camera for you likewise.

There are shiny gray and blue accents that are able to brighten the illusion of the brushed metal all over the high gloss and smooth surface. This phone is having a highly reasonable look and short and easy fit in the pockets.

This phone is having the virtual keyboard is a little more cramped as compared with the current fashion. The resolution of the phone is not able to match the top HD phones when you compare the image quality and clarity. There are additional buttons and the front facing camera is a plus, there is the volume rocker towards the spines of the cell phone.

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