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Samsung Galaxy Light Review

The Samsung Galaxy light is giving you a good processor and 4G LTE, an easy to use cell phone. The call quality of this phone is very strong. You can check the mobile prices in Pakistan on

The camera of this smart phone is not very good that captures the soft and dull images. It is 5 mega pixels and the screen of the cell phone is small which is making it a bit harder to type.

If you want to buy the Samsung cell phone on a budget then you ought to go for this cell. However it is a compact device and you will feel comfortable while using it. It feels good when it is on the ears. It is having Android 4.2.2 jelly bean operating system and with its own TouchWiz layer giving the phone a specific feel and look. There are few new and additional features which are going to attract you such as the gesture controls.

The camera is likewise of 5 mega pixels and having a LED flash for you. There are many modes of taking the pictures and you can adjust to tweak image quality with a load of presets. If you want the high quality images, then this phone is not for you but it takes good pictures for you. You need to consider it if you want a good quality phone then it is a right choice for you. It is having the best specs and features in this price.

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