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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Review

This phone is having excellent physical controls, sturdy build and the convenience key for you that is used for camera shutter. It offers the tops specs and features for you. The finger print scanner does not work well and it is slipper. It is more durable than the original Samsung galaxy S5 and there are many extra features that are available in this smart phone as in the modern Samsung mobiles.

In order to keep the smart phone from the spills, scratches and drops you need to buy a heavy and thick case for your smart phone. There is a strong and smart physical design and it is offering you with the best features and specs. You can place it pocket without having any problem and it is with the smarter look that makes it worth buying. This is a truly impressive handset for everyday use.

This is durable device and with physical navigation buttons are a plus. There is a flashlight and with a decent camera and this one can stand the shocks and falls. It is waterproof that will be a good option for you and will make it worth considering.

The design is good and with a good and harder case for you and you can use it. It is taller and wider look and having a plastic corner and a flat back. There is a tougher look that you have with the first glance. It comes with the orange and bright aqua colors that looks good when you use it.

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