Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review

The Samsung galaxy Note 5 is having an amazing design and is able to take awesome photos with its camera. The battery timing of this smart phone is fabulous and it is excellent over all. If you want to write by hand, then this is the phone for you.

It is the sleekest, smoothest and having stylus with a jumbo screen smart phone. It could have been somewhat better because it is lacking many advanced features in it. It is basically a shiny and a slim smart phone having a strong camera, but it is not having many features, like as compared with the Samsung galaxy note 4 it is only having extended memory and the longer battery life. It is not having removable battery and the card slot as well and that is a downside of this smart phone.

At a glance it looks same like the Samsung galaxy S6 edge+ which is only having the dual curved screen, but all the features and specs are same as this one. The new thing is the stylus that is called the S pen and this is the thing that is helping to make this device a bit different from the others. We expect more features and specs in the new smart phones but the new ones a little bit disappointing in this regard. This is not good for the company as the rivals are proving the same features and specs with comparatively less price you can check out the Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan on This very smart phone is not able to blow us with its features and specs and there is only one new thing that is the stylus or the S pen of this phone.


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