Samsung Co. performed quite well in the smartphones market this year. Samsung’s flagship phones didn’t fail to amaze the consumers from around the world with their stellar performance and remodeled design. Additionally, Samsung also dominated the low-mid range smartphones sector.

According to a financial report based on the worldwide smartphone sales conducted by The Gartner, Samsung was able to sell almost 72,930 units during Q3 2014, selling 23.9 percent of units in the worldwide market. In Q3 2014, the International market was based on almost 305,380 units in total. However, in Q3 2015, the numbers have significantly increased. According to The Gartner, Samsung has sold about 83,590 units in the International market worldwide, covering 23.7 percent of the total market, which rose to 352,840 units this year. These statistics depict that Samsung has become one of the major players in the International market.

According to this report, the sales of smartphones increased significantly in Q3 2015 as compared to the sales in Q3 2014. In Q3 2014, Samsung sold almost 93,626 units. This year, the sales have increased by 1.1 percent and have grown to 102,060 units sold by Samsung in the International market. According to the report, Samsung has increased its profits by launching quality products this year. Samsung’s stellar products released this year were greatly appreciated by consumers. Moreover, online shopping also played a very positive role in boosting up the sales for Samsung.

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