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Samsung Offering Freebies and Rebates worth up to $350 on the purchase of the latest Galaxy smartphones

Samsung has recently inaugurated “Gifts of the Season” promo in the US offering freebies worth up to $350 upon the purchase of its latest flagship smartphones.
Samsung has truly amazed the audience all over the world with its flagship devices this year. However, no one can deny the fact that these devices were quite overpriced and came at premium price tags. However, recently, Samsung Mobiles Co. initiated a “Gifts of the season” promo for the occasion of Black Friday. Samsung will be offering freebies and refunds worth up to $350 upon the purchase of its latest flagship smartphones. This promo is only available in the US for the time being.

The promo will be availableupon the off-contract purchase of Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy Note 5. The promo will be only applicable when the customer buys the device at full retail price. After buying the device, the customers will get a choice of choosing from any of the 2 freebie bundles.
• Swarovski Holiday Bundle:The Swarovski Holiday Bundle consists of a Swarovski crystal phone cover, a wireless charging pad, and a fast charge portable battery pack.
• The Level On Holiday Bundle: The Level On Holiday Bundle comes with the same wireless charging pad and fast charge portable battery pack. However, the crystal phone cover by Swarovski has been replaced by a pair of Samsung Level On headphones.
The freebies in both of these bundles have an equal value of approximately $300. Moreover, customers can also claim a $50 refund by registering with Samsung Pay, and associating a compatible credit card with their account.
Samsung has made this effort to sway more customers to try the Samsung’s latest smartphones, and increasing their sales.
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